The Link Up: The Weighted Vest That Has Made Em’s Walks Better, The Denim Dress Caitlin Wants Us All To Own, And Two Target Collections We Are EXCITED About

This week was a very heavy one for the world and left most of us feeling helpless, devastated, shocked, and utterly sad for all those affected – the children, the moms, the dads, everyone. So many innocent people. We don’t know how to talk about the terrorist attacks on Israel and the horrors put upon the Palestinian people and children. We are not journalists nor a news site but we are women who believe everyone has a right to protection and safety and we are devastated. It’s just so unimaginable. We won’t publish any discussion of this in the comments, we’ve seen too much division on the internet and don’t want to fuel more. We want to acknowledge that the world is not okay, even while we continue pre-planned design posts that can serve as a momentary distraction. Just know that we deeply care and are praying for all the innocent Jewish and Palestinian citizens suffering so unbelievably right now.

Here are this week’s links.

This week’s house tour is a postmodern vintage dream that also incorporates the most beautiful deep wood walls and accents. Just go look the THE TUB!!! We’re also pretty obsessed with the art arrangement on the bedroom wall. The whole house is a visual candy shop. GO ENJOY!

From Emily: I just took my walking game from a 7 to a 10 (with hills). As you know I’m a big walker (the two pups force this habit that has turned into my podcasting and alone morning time before kids get up). Sometimes I just want more, to get my sweat on even though I’m JUST walking. So I bought this 12lb weighted vest and hide it under another vest (that Free People one I love) or my parka when it’s cold and what was a normal walk is now more of a workout where I sweat a bit more and get some endorphins out. You definitely feel it when it comes to the hills. So for those of you trying to squeeze in a “workout” when you really just want to walk, you might like this. I LOVE IT (I also wear it to clean the house TBH but that sounds rather psychopathic).

From Jess: As I mentioned this past Friday, I am going to London in a few weeks!! And since the “cold weather” section of my closet is nearly nonexistent I wanted to find a few things. One top I bought that I am VERY excited about is this cream-colored mock neck longsleeved shirt that has a lime green contrast seam. The lime green adds just enough “fun” that makes me feel cool but not too much fun that it looks like I’m trying too hard to be trendy. 10/10! Then when I went online to find the link I also saw this sweater dress that I am very tempted to try. Now I’d be lying if I hadn’t poked around a couple of other stores too. This happy blue cardigan and this gray chic sweater are really London calling my name…stay tuned I guess:)

From Caitlin: I linked this long-sleeve denim dress up a few weeks ago in our fall dress roundup, but I just need to call it out again because it’s SO. DARN. CUTE! Temperatures are finally dropping again here in LA (kind of – there’s a 94-degree day currently looming on my 10-day forecast, but it’s balanced by a nice mix of cool nights!) and so it’s finally comfortable to break out my transitional pieces! This dress has been so easy to style and I’m getting WAY more wear out of it than I anticipated. It’s cute with sneakers, it’s cute with boots, and it’s easy to wear with an oversized sweater! The weight is perfect, I love the cut, I’m obsessed with the back, the sleeves are breezy and comfy, and I find myself turning to it constantly. It makes me wanna go take pictures in a pumpkin patch or apple orchard or something, you know? Hats off to the designer:)

Also From Caitlin: This isn’t a link, but more of a PSA: if it’s been a while since your last eye doctor appointment, you should make one!!! The checkups are important, even if your vision hasn’t changed. This week my doctor caught some stuff on a retinal scan that could have had huge implications for my sight in the future if it’d gone unnoticed and I’m SO THANKFUL that she did. So get those peepers checked if it’s been a minute since your last visit, okay????

Lone Fox just launched a very fun art print collection with Desenio and it was inspired by his love of vintage. Clearly, that’s right up our alley (and probably yours:)). Go check it out here!

From Arlyn: I used to be an avid perfume wearer. But between the pandemic/quarantine and having a baby, my body and scents have been quite the strangers. Recently, I’ve been trying to rediscover my personal style and with that came the desire to smell good again. Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey used to be my signature scent since I discovered it my senior year of college and I had the itch to buy it again. It’s the kind of cologne that’s fresh, sweet, not overly floral or fruity…the perfect day scent IMHO. Many times, I’ve been stopped by someone who had to know what I was wearing. It lasts all day and just a little spritz goes a very long way.  

Plastic Mixing Bowl Set with Lids | Silicone Mini Kitchen Utensil Set | Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Stainless Steel Food Chopper | Silicone Extra Large Baking Mat | Nonstick Aluminized Steel Mega Cookie Sheet

Did you see or hear that Target has a new cookware line?? It’s basically a more affordable Five Two if they are out of your budget. Lots of cute options if you are looking!

Fall Turkey Shaped Pillow | Cocktail Napkin Set of Fall Assorted Vegetables | Fall Vegetable Figural Serving Spoon & Fork Set

Assorted Fall Mushroom Appetizer Plates | Large Stoneware Fall Cabbage Serving Bowl | Printed Tablecloth Fall Flowers

Oh and another VERY FUN Target collaboration also just dropped – The John Derian Thanksgiving Collection. We are pretty obsessed with the total whimsy of it all that only John knows how to do. Both Emily and Mallory immediately said they wanted that beaded turkey pillow lol. The whole collection is out TODAY so go grab what you want because we expect this to sell out fast:) Um also did Caitlin not call the cabbageware plate trend???!

From Mallory: J. Crew has some SOLID jackets right now and I’m in the market!! This one looks so soft, but I’m also heavily into the lady jacket style like this and this. Which one is your fav?? I actually can’t decide on what to add to cart and they’re all on a hot sale!!!

From Gretchen: I’ve attempted to lock in a “signature scent” for forever, but shopping for perfume is so hard for me. I’m easily overwhelmed by the millions of options in store, terrible at discerning their smell differences enough to make a confident, worthwhile purchase (read: that stuff is $$$), so I usually end up buying the $10 body sprays from Target that last all of five seconds on my body or just forgo smelling nicer–not fun. Rarely do I work up the courage as I waft a passing stranger to say, “you smell delicious, what’re you wearing?”, hoping I’ll get some intel, but when my friend showed up the other day smelling INCREDIBLE, I couldn’t help but to hound her for answers. The holy grail? Black Opium by YSL– it is simply scent-sational!!! Vanilla-y without being overkill, the perfect amount of floral notes and if “warm and inviting” had a smell, it’d be this. I bought it immediately with no regret and am so thankful to my friend for doing the heavy lifting.

Also From Gretchen: Speaking of good friends and great products, my very talented designer pals, Nimi Einstein and Zane Shapen, have recently launched a new fine furniture business, Shapen/Einstein. Together they’ve thoughtfully created their first product, the Tower Lamp–a unique tripod floor lamp that beautifully integrates high-quality components with carefully considered design. I was lucky enough to witness their early explorations back in February, when they were only just figuring out materials, and I can attest–these two are extremely dedicated to their craft! Hours upon hours have gone into honing and building this design, and it is truly a delight to see it come to life. Offered in two sizes and colorways, a limited run of their lamps are available for pre-order from now until November 13th.  Check out their website, give them a follow or be one of the first to own this stunning piece of functional art!

Thanks for stopping by, thank you for reading, and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Anne De Wolf of ARCIFORM and Versatile Wood Products | Styled by Emily Henderson and Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: The Home That Made Me Want To Hire ARCIFORM – See Their Open Concept Living Room/Kitchen Done Right


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