The Link Up: The Henderson’s Family Crush, Jess’s All-Time Favorite Jean Shorts, And A GREAT Linen Pant

Happy Sunday and happy June! It’s never not a shock when we hit the half-year point but here we are and boy, are we ready for that consistent warm weather. LA’s had a big ole does of May Gray so the LA gals are hoping for minimal to zero June Gloom. But enough about the weather because we were just very spoiled and spent the most incredible week in Mexico (here’s the recap post in case you missed it!). Ok, here are this week’s links!

This week’s house tour is the home of one of our favorite design writers and editors, Kelly Dawson. Born with cerebral palsy, she needed to make sure her home was truly accessible, fit to her needs, but of course still beautiful. Let’s just say she nailed it. Go check it out here!

From Emily: Our Collective Family Crush. I feel a real duty to share the best family stuff that our entire family loves because we are all just so desperate to have a shared fun experience together without fighting over what to watch. Enter Justin Willman. I ran into Justin over the weekend and after fawning over him in hopefully a nonannoying way (his wife is an interior designer and I knew he follows so I was rather emboldened), my friend was like “Wait, who’s that?” and I was like, “NICOLE, HOW HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED MAGIC FOR HUMANS WITH YOUR KIDS YET???” So that night we watched a couple, catching their whole family up and everyone just LOVED IT because it’s one of the most entertaining, wholesome, delightful family shows ever made. During lockdown we actually bought tickets for two Zoom magic shows that he did and still blew us away (via Zoom, so truly magical and I have no idea how he guessed what he guessed). That’s all to say that A. If you haven’t seen the three seasons of Magic For Humans you are about to be delighted and entertained (it is mostly kid-friendly but one episode talks about the potential nonexistence of Santa Claus so…). After that, check out The Magic Prank Show (Netflix). Then if you are as big of a fan as we are, be sure to catch his tour (we just bought Portland tickets for October, that’s how excited we are). Tickets are here!

From Gretchen: I have been using the same janky pair of tweezers from some stocking stuffer cosmetic kit for YEARS, and tbh they’re just no good. At all. Like the last few times I used them was so infuriating, I just left the house with my whiskers instead. So I finally decided to pull the plug–pun intended–and buy the fancy tweezers. And DANGIT I should’ve spent the $15 forever ago because WHAT A DIFFERENCE THEY MAKE. These actually grip and rip the way I need them to. So now I can leave the house hairless and happy.

From Arlyn: By far the best toy I’ve gotten my two-year-old in the last year has been her Toniebox. I had heard so many good things about it but I wasn’t sure if she was going to interact with it as I hoped because…kids, and…you know. They always throw you for a loop. But it’s the best thing in our living room by far! You do have to buy the Tonie character toppers separately (we have 12 now because we’re addicted) but she just goes, turns it on herself, grabs whichever character she wants to play (both music and books and even some exercise ones!) and listens while she plays happily with her other toys. If you’re looking for screen-free entertainment, buy one immediately. You’ll all love it!

From Mallory: I’ve always loved these little mini Staub cocottes but I finally added them to cart last week because they’re on SALE right now. Imagine making mini apple pies in these this summer!! That’s what I’ll be doing (I bought them in yellow). They would also make an excellent gift!! 

From Caitlin: Urgent: I need to share the lightweight, throw-on-and-go cotton/linen pants I’ve been wearing non-stop for the past few weeks. (Seriously – I’ve put them to the test. Horseback riding, multiple cross-country flights, pool days, nights at the bar, brunch with the gals…they can do it all.) I’ve always struggled to find wide legs that actually looked, you know, WIDE LEGGED on my larger thighs and these do the trick perfectly. I love the casual drape (they’re breezy, but not in the crumpled, messy way) and the pockets are ultra-functional. They hold up great to the washer and dryer, too – no fading or shrinking. I’ve been making a conscientious effort to build a more cohesive, easy-to-mix-and-match wardrobe filled with natural fibers (I want everything in my house to decompose one day when I’m gone, including my clothes!), and these check every box. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve gotten a ton of compliments while wearing them, either – even my mom pulled out her phone and asked me to help her find them online so she could order a pair: They come 7 colors, from XXS to XXL, and in regular, tall, and petite lengths – join the club!!! They’re sublime.

From Jess: While now I’m very tempted to try some of the jean shorts Em just posted about last week (THESE ESPECIALLY!), I thought I would throw my favorites into the ring. These Agolde shorts are my favorite jean shorts I’ve ever owned. That is saying A LOT because I’ve always had a fraught relationship with shorts in general. But with the glorious invention of Megababe’s Thigh Rescue (I can’t believe baby powder was ever a thing, WHY?!), I have been able to comfortably wear them. But back to these jean shorts! They are cool, a little slouchy, have my ideal amount of distress, and are midrise. Even when I needed to go up a couple of sizes this year, the bigger size still looked and made me feel great. I can’t say that for any of the others I’ve tried on recently. Quite the opposite feeling actually. So while these are a little splurgy, I live in them when it’s hot so to me they are so so worth it.

Also From Jess: Do yourself a favor and go see the movie Babes! Michelle Buteau and Ilana Glazer are incredible together. It’s hilarious (as they are comedy geniuses), so heartfelt, and I really love the way it was shot. It felt visually nostalgic, like a 90s rom-com in a way. Both my friend and I said we would happily see it again in theatres which isn’t something I say very often if ever? Anyway, go have a great time at the movies and it’s simply a bonus that you’ll be supporting beautiful female stories:)

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Isabelle Dahlin | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Our Team Retreat In Mexico: A Tour Of The Home Designed By A Designer/Friend


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