The Link Up: Mallory’s Perfectly Crafted Thanksgiving Dress Formula, Em’s New Show Obsession, And A GREAT Pair Of Jeans

Happy Sunday and Happy Diwali to those who celebrate! We hope it’s filled with so much love and of course, incredible food:) Over in the EHD world, it’s been all about dark cozy rooms. We started with Sara’s gorgeous primary bedroom (now with a baby in tow!) and then began the rev-up to our family room reveal. Did you see the recap, the “no mistakes allowed” seascape gallery wall how-to, and our incredible Frame TV Art Store post?? Well, check those out if you missed them and get ready for tomorrow’s reveal. But of course, today we have a great YouTube video for you! Go check it out!! But for a little teaser, watch below (just wait for the short ad to play:)). The full-length version is embedded at the bottom of this post, too…so keep scrolling

This week’s house tour is a video tour that Caitlin told us all about! It’s a home tour of Ganni’s creative director, Ditte Reffstrup, in Copenhagen. It’s colorful Scandi that is elevated yet lived in. You just need to go watch it!!

From Emily: I read the book, Lessons in Chemistry, and didn’t love it like the rest of the world (fine, I stopped about 40% through, probably for some fast-paced “Cliterature” which is hard to compete with at times). So when Lessons in Chemistry came out on Apple TV I figured I’d give it a go to understand what the hype was all about. It’s SO GOOD and I can’t WAIT til the next episode (much prefer to binge-stream, BTW). The production design, acting, story – the whole world they create is so fun and beautiful to watch. It also gives such a great peek into what it might have been like as a woman in science 70 years ago (horrifying) as well as a black homeowner living in the Pre-10 freeway in LA (building this freeway historically and infamously demolished black neighborhoods instead of white neighborhoods in Beverly Hills). I’m caught up now and waiting for the next one every Sunday, but I feel like it’s not getting a lot of hype so if you haven’t started it, give it a go.


From Mallory: I’ve talked about the art of the Thanksgiving dress for YEARS now because ever since Chase and I started handling the turkey and most of the main dishes, I needed something that was flowy (for obvious reasons), has pockets (ideally) so your phone and random things can be off the counter, and screams fall. I purchased a plaid dress from J.Crew a while ago (that many of you guys bought too!!) that fits all these requirements but it’s time for something fresh and new because afterall, Thanksgiving is almost always spent with the same people so I think they’re probably also over seeing me in that dress. Let’s take a look at the 2023 Thanksgiving dresses shall we???

Relaxed Tiered Flannel Shirt Dress | Wild Bergamot Floral Long Sleeve Dress | Fitted Denim Shirtdress

Like I said, it’s gotta feel like FALL, so these plaid and fall floral moments (top left and middle) are VERY cute. Sadly they’re the only two that I don’t think check the pocket box, but were so fall that I threw them in the mix anyway. I bought the black and white plaid one and it’s wildly affordable at only $35 –– plus how cute would it be if you layered a black sweater over it!? The denim one above is a great option (and is also insanely affordable) if you want something that could be worn everyday but also could work for Thanksgiving day –– just dress it up with some brown leather boots and maybe a bandana in your hair and BOOM it’s fall. It’s less flowy than the others, but is still roomy enough to fit all of the delicious Turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes that’ll be consumed. Now let me show you 3 more options that are also SO cute:

Collection Cecily Dress | Chalet 2.0 Tiered Dress | Emilia Long Sleeve Tie Waist Minidress

If you want your Thanksgiving dress to work throughout the holiday season, this red plaid one above is PERFECT. It’ll get so much use November-December every single year and I highly recommend everyone invests in one very jolly dress to pull out year after year. The middle plaid screams Turkey day, has pockets, PLUS it comes in sizes up to 4x which we love!! For a sexy little number, I love the redish black dress on the right with a tall black boot. It’s got pockets (thank god) and can be worn again and again since it’s not too Holiday specific.

From Arlyn: A friend of mine and the EHD fam Sara just had a baby, so I brought over some hot food and snacks for her and her husband to have on hand during those rough first days/weeks. I know how much she loves pasta so I tapped my favorite Marcella Hazan bolognese recipe. It’s a feat, taking nearly 5 hours to come together properly, but it’s one of those things you feel like you’re nurturing all day. The house smells amazing and every bite you steal to “check the seasonings” along the way just keeps getting better and better. If you’re looking for a special sauce and have a weekend day to devote to it, give this recipe a try (this is behind the NYT paywall sadly, but if you just Google it, you’ll find some other sites that have the recipe, like this one). 

From Caitlin: Wanted to drop a recommendation real quick for my fellow dry, lizard-skinned pals as we head into the colder months. I have eczema and KP and I’ve found a new (to me) grail-level routine that has totally transformed the skin on my arms and legs (and you can grab it at Target, or the grocery store, or Walgreens, or wherever!) – and it’s more affordable then the products I’d used previously, to boot! I use this body wash after my regular soap and follow it with this moisturizer after every shower. The patches on my arms cleared within 2 weeks (!!!) and after 4 weeks, all the bumps on my legs have disappeared. I prefer these to my previous products because they’re unscented, lightweight, and easy to grab when you’re running errands. (PS. To lock in moisture, I top everything off with a quick spritz of this sunscreen oil – it makes my skin look SO healthy and moisturized. The gals in my pilates class asked how much water I drink every day to have skin that looks this healthy and it was thrilling to be like, “way less than I should – this is just moisturizer and sunscreen!!“)

From Gretchen: I was recently insta-influenced to buy a multi-pack of no-show undies and I’ve gotta say, they are SO GOOD!! Seriously considering doing an underwear overhaul and swapping out all of my old pairs for these bad boys because they are just so buttery soft and dig in absolutely nowhere. They come in a ton of colors (I went with the Coffee variety pack, seven pairs for $20) and many different cuts. So far I’ve only tried the seamless thongs and they are leaps and bounds more comfortable than any other thong I’ve tried. I just put in an order for the hipster pack and hoping they’re just as comfy and no-show!

From Jess: Ok, so I might have made a BIG switch…Everlane might be my new go-to jeans shop. Look. I will forever love Madewell and continue to shop there but recently I’ve been finding less and less that look good on my slightly curvier body because of the new cuts and shapes. So when I was shopping last week, I remembered a while back a few friends raving about Everlane jeans. Spoiler! They were right. While I love a trendy cut, I still want to look like I have a butt and not a total plank of wood back there (an issue with recent jeans). Enter Everlane’s 90s Cheeky Jeans! The name gave me little to no hope when I went into the dressing room but to my surprise they were amazing! High-waisted (YES!), a relaxed fit yet still had shape, and just overall flattering. I bought these in the Vintage Mid Blue wash and also went a little crazy and got these patchwork ones. In terms of sizing, I would maybe go up one size from your normal Madewell size for the plain jeans and I then needed to go up two sizes for whatever reason for the patchwork ones. I truly love them both so much and their price is on par with Madewell.

As a reminder, Caitlin on my team reached out to many of our absolute favorite brands and asked them to be part of a special exclusive coupon code just for EHD readers of some of our favorite things. Some are just for a few days (because the discount is high) while others last the whole month. All VERY GOOD BRANDS. So if you aren’t part of our email list (that we don’t leak or sell, EVER) sign up right here to get the exclusive EHD discount. Happy gift shopping month!

Thanks for reading, check out that video, and come back tomorrow for the beautiful reveal photos!

Opening Image Credits: Design and Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | Styled by Emily Bowser | From: Sara’s COZY Primary Bedroom Reveal (+ Plus A VERY Sweet Added Bonus)


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