The Easiest Outfit To Put Together… Everyday Matching Sets (+ 18 Affordable Picks!)

Emily has been dabbling in matching sets for a minute and we’ve been loving all of them. And then on our Mexico trip, most of us busted out at least one, and let’s just say we have no notes! It’s such a fun way to look really put together and stylish with almost zero effort. It’s almost like when I wore a uniform to school and the “what am I going to wear?!” question never came up…but these are actually cute:) So we thought that rounding up some affordable and cute summertime matching sets that you can wear in your everyday life (not just on vacation) would be pretty fun and hopefully helpful. So all of these are lightweight (LOTS of linen or linen blends), family-friendly (aka pretty modest), and won’t break the bank. Also, note that most of these sets have other clothing type options on their respective sites! So if you’d prefer pants over shorts or something sleeved over a tank, just hop on over to the shop to see. Ok, let’s go!

Casual Pink Stripe Short Set

right photo by kaitlin green | from: i went to old navy and found some shockingly good pieces (totally #nonspon)

Button-Down Shirt | Shorts

The person that wears this is FUN! But like cool and fun:) Em bought this set from Old Navy for our Mexico trip because it’s perfect for vacation and really comfortable (she noted that the elastic on the shorts is light and doesn’t cut in, great!). It also comes in a bunch of other color options, including solid ones.

Neutral Linen Stripe Set

Long Sleeve Button-Down ShirtShort Sleeve Button-Down Shirt | Shorts

If you love stripes but prefer a more neutral color, then this set from Target is for you. Arlyn owns the short-sleeved top and had this to say about it: “A $20 shirt that fits and wears like it’s $100…so I bought three of them. I randomly spotted this linen button-down on a recent Target trip and I could tell right away that it would be something I’d love to wear, and likely grab over and over again this spring and summer. Plus, for the price, I couldn’t pass up every color they had in stock (they have a few more colors online they didn’t have in store). And let me tell you, it’s been exactly what I hoped it would be. Soft, washes well, wears well, drapey but not potato-sacky, short but not cropped. Plus, I love the oversized front pocket with the pattern shift to feel very Madewell without Madewell price tags.” So just add the pull-on shorts and you have a VERY cute and affordable matching set. But if you aren’t a short-sleeved lover, you can get the long-sleeved button-up!

Elevated Linen Beige Set

Oversized Linen-Blend Shirt | Tailored Linen-Blend Pant

This one is very much up my alley. It’s very much giving “quiet luxury” without the “quiet luxury” price tag. My favorite! Simple, chic, and easy to pair with other nonmatching pieces. But Abercrombie has sooooo many pretty options that you can easily mix and match. You’ll see one or two more on this list:)

Cool Girl Blue Multi-Stripe Set

Oversized Shirt | Wide-Leg Pant

Another extremely cool set that says, “I’m so chic it almost hurts.” The multi-stripe pattern is cool and the pajama look is actually super on-trend. Plus it’s from Everlane which is a brand I love.

Another Cool Girl Blue Stripe Set

Tie Vest Top | Striped Linen Pant

Another casual with a hint of sexy and I’m into it! The bold contrast stripe is awesome and I love the tie front vest. Also, on-trend but not in a “you’ll look silly wearing it next year” way. It just looks cool if you ask me.

Bold Floral Skirt Set

Sleeveless Linen-Blend Top | High-Waisted Linen-Blend Maxi Skirt

I had to include at least one floral, right? And I think this one is great. It’s so pretty, the darker coral color is stunning and this would look great for a fun lunch or a causal summer wedding. Versatile!

Casual But Bright Orange Set

right photo by kaitlin green | from: summer outfit inspo: fun, throw-on-and-go outfits on 5 different bodies

Crinkle Gauze Button-Down Top | High-Waisted Crinkle Gauze Pull-On Ankle Pants

Gretchen really sold us on this set when we saw it in person! The color is so good and she loved how comfortable it was. She was on vacation mode with her cute bikini top, but it also looks great buttoned up like on the model. It also comes in a bunch of other colors!

Tailored Denim Set

Denim Button-Up Top | Striped Denim Mini Skirt

This is the most structured set of them all but it was too cute not to include! While you’d have to check on the skirt length, I think this is such a cute summertime office look that you could easily take out on the town for afterward drinks. The pockets and buttons make it feel extra special. This one is also SO Mallory coded:)

Moody Blue Linen Set

Linen Boyfriend Shirt | High Rise Linen-Blend Shorts

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you always have to dress in light or bright colors. This navy linen set has such a “cool girl” vibe. The pinstripe is pretty perfect and I love that the shorts are high-waisted

Happy Business Casual Yellow Set

photos by kaitlin green | from: shopping irl: i went to target and found some killer spring and summer sets (amongst other things)

Linen Blazer | High-Rise Linen Pleated Front Shorts

I think Emily’s review says it all: “I literally laughed when I saw this set on the rack, saying out loud “Who wears a bright yellow suit??,” but I tried it on because the fabric felt nice. Then as I turned around to show Kaitlin and Gretchen how it looked and all of us were like, oh shit – YOU WEAR YELLOW!! Now, I do think it looks better on me with a spray tan (representing here) and I’d wear it with a more casual T-shirt, but I’m proud to say that I’m now the owner of a yellow summer suit!! Move Over, Kate Hudson!!??”

Little Tailored Black Set

Squareneck Set Top | Tailored Linen-Blend Short

For those who want to beat the heat but refuse to wear anything other than black (or just like the color:)), I love this set. The squared neckline of the top with wider straps, which allows you to wear a regular bra worry-free, is SO cute. And get outta town with those cute pleat front shorts! Another great set from Abercombie (that also has other tops and bottoms for you to mix in).

Casual Tie Shoulder Top Black Set

Tie-Shoulder Top | Pleat-Front Shorts

This one is super affordable! I really love the flowyness of the cuts and that it’s in a darker color (unusual for summer clothes). The pattern is fun and how great are all of the details – tie strap, ruffle neckline, and beaded drawstring? This may not be everyone’s cut but for the right person, it would look awesome.

Easy Red Linen Set

Bow-Back Linen Top | Tropez Short

Here’s another really great sleeveless set that would be real perfect for holidays like the 4th. But it would also just be great for warm weather. The top is the real star with those front pleat details and a surprise tie in the back that you can’t see! Highly recommend going to see for yourself.

Bold Red Maxi Skirt Set

Button-Back Cropped Tank Top | Maxi Skirt

Another casual yet a little sexy set:) I am really on the red train this year and personally, I usually feel more comfortable in longer skirts than a short. But what I love about this one is it’s really clean and simple with those two little slits on the bottom.

Easy Breezy Bright Blue Set

Button-Down Boyfriend Shirt | High-Waisted Linen-Blend Pull-On Shorts

This is a GREAT blue! I could also easily see myself in this (even if it’s a shorts set:)) It’s also from Old Navy and I know that Emily, Gretchen, and Kaitlin were all super impressed by the overall quality so I have no doubt this one is a winner. Plus if blue isn’t your color they have a bunch of different options.

Weightless Sky Blue Set

photos by kaitlin green | from: summer outfit inspo: fun, throw-on-and-go outfits on 5 different bodies

Linen Tank Top | High-Rise Linen Pull-On Shorts

I think I’ll let Caitlin take this one: “If you love the look and feel of linen but you’re not crazy about the price tag, you need to RUN to Target IMMEDIATELY. This set was $35 and it feels incredible – soft, breathable, and comfortable (you know a gal loves an elastic waistband!). I have a long torso and found that the tank would flash just the right amount of skin – I’m not comfortable in “crop tops” and I normally wouldn’t gravitate to this draped cut with my 36F boobs, but I was SO surprised by how at ease I felt in this combo. I’m usually a 12/14 and grabbed a large in both pieces – they really feel like a nice way to dip my toes into the world of matching sets in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m trying to dress like a teen! (PS. The rest of the A New Day collection is unreal – I grabbed this linen-blend dress and these pants and the quality is UNREAL for the price. You’ll love it, I swear!)”

Cute Scalloped White Midi Skirt Set

Scallop-Hem Set Top | Scallop-Hem Midi Skirt

Ok, this is my last Abercrombie rec, I promise! But can you blame me?? The scalloped borders (hems?) are so sweet and add so much personality without being too loud. Big big fan.

Elevated Stripe Skirt Set

Boxy Cap-Sleeve Shirt | Column Maxi Skirt

Here is the last set and the only skirt set that has a sleeved shirt and boy is it cute! Minimal but fun and perfectly boxy (Madwell knows how to make a great boxy shirt). A great vacation or general summertime set!

Well, we’ve come to the end and hope that if you’ve been wanting to dabble in the matching set world that you found something here. See ya tomorrow!

Love you, mean it.


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